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Did you know that 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions and unclear performance objectives?

(Source: Harvard Business School)

As executive recruiters for a wide range of companies from startups to the Fortune 50, we came to the conclusion that this statistic is rooted in an almost universal reliance on generic job descriptions. The average job description is too often focused on WHAT a desired employee does and HOW they do it, and is filled with generic attributes such as Good Communications Skills, Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Team Player.

Tackling The Problem

We determined that the hiring process needed a more disciplined, insightful, and comprehensive approach that focuses on the VALUE that an employee contributes to the company. In other words, the impact they make on an employer, client/customer, colleague, community or other stakeholder.

Our Solution

This Value Map that we utilize to guide hiring managers to better define the outcomes/KPIs required for a particular role and the competencies and attributes that drive them. We then transform the data into a screening tool to better understand candidate qualifications and as a standardized set of interview questions for all involved stakeholders.

What our clients say about our Candidate Value Map

We realized that our job descriptions were way off the mark in defining our desired candidate. It became clear that many of our recent hires were underperforming and many didn’t last very long. We found the antidote to this problem when we engaged the Precision Research Group. They first used their Value Map to help us zero in on the “right” talent and then found the candidates with the best job-to-candidate fit. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

HR Director

Global Bank

I didn’t realize why we weren’t attracting and hiring the strongest candidates until we adopted the PRG approach to better defining the outcomes and competencies needed from our new hires.  All of that changed when we used the Value Map. With PRG’s help, we significantly upgraded the quality of our hires by creating a clear and appealing job description that was directly aligned to our corporate objectives.

SVP Risk

Leading Financial Services Firm

Using the Value Map was like wearing a new pair of glasses.  It really brought our hiring process into focus.  Having recently had to replace 2 under-performing attorneys, we had no idea that our job descriptions were too generic and attracting sub-optimal candidates.  That all changed when PRG showed us how to articulate a more compelling opportunity to prospective candidates.  In the end, PRG found us just what we needed.

General Counsel

International Finance Company