Why engage an Insurance/Insurtech Fractional Executive?

Cost Effective

Engaging a fractional expert costs significantly less than what you’d pay a full-time executive.


You choose how much expertise you need and only pay for what you receive.

Access Global Talent

We can connect you to a global network of subject matter experts.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Leverage their expertise to save you countless false starts and help you actualize your business objectives.



What is a Fractional Executive?
A fractional executive is an interim C-level professional with decision-making and budget authority who delivers services for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.
How is a Fractional Executive different from an advisor or a consultant?
While strategic advisors or consultants offer valuable insights and recommendations, Fractional Executives take it to the next level. They not only strategize; they execute. They roll up their sleeves, dive into the trenches, and ensure your plans are implemented flawlessly, all while guiding your team towards success.
How do Fractional Executives execute?
Our Fractional Executives have the power to assemble a dream team specifically tailored to your company’s needs. They can either augment your existing internal team or handpick on-demand specialists who bring a fresh perspective and unparalleled expertise. You can consider them your professional development solution, equipping your existing leadership team with new ideas, diverse experiences and expert industry insights.
How much does a Fractional Executive cost?
This depends on the outcomes you’re seeking and the amount of time required to meet them. There are Fractional Executive services available for all types of carriers across lines of insurance, and for InsurTechs at any stage of growth, including early-stage startups.

Your Trusted Growth Partner

Our partnership goes beyond mere placement. We stay by your side throughout the engagement offering guidance, support and expertise at every turn. Let’s sprint to profitability, together.

Marissa Buckley

Co-Founder, Chief Partnership Officer


CO-FOUNDER & Chief Executive Officer

Interested in joining our Fractional Executive network?

Our fractional network is a carefully vetted group of highly skilled industry leaders and innovators. Every member is pre-screened using our proprietary recruiting system designed to match your unique skills and personality with the unique needs and culture of our clients. We do not place you with just any company. Our mission is to change lives by making invaluable connections that drive business value for all stakeholders. Let’s see if you’re a fit.

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